How we Work

​One of our drivers will arrive at your home or business and weigh your laundry right there on the spot and you'll have the option to pay cash or charge, no checks accepted. Payment is due at time of pickup. We accommodate your work schedule and can arrange for pickup /delivery as early as 6am and as late as 9pm Monday-Friday weekend pickup/delivery is also available.

We use the best detergents and softeners and will use a "Free & Clear" detergent upon request for all clients with sensitive skin.

We use a low heat dry cycle for all delicate materials.

You can call or text to schedule a pickup. We usually need 4 hours notice to schedule a pickup. You can call and speak to a live person usually from 6am - 9pm Monday-Saturday. You can text 24 hrs a day. Turn around time is 24hrs for all orders placed before 5pm Monday-Friday. Weekends/Holiday turn around times are 2-3 days.
Please see our Home Page for rates.

We accept all Major Credit Cards

To arrange for a pickup give us a call:
​                                        Newark Laundry
                                        444 Central Ave
                                        Newark NJ 07103

Robert Marzano

Newark laundry is owned and operated by Homes Plus Contracting Inc. 

           Newark Laundry